When it comes to passwords, it's a memory game I am constantly failing. Almost everything I do online requires a password to get into the site. But, how good are the passwords I've been making up?

My fear is that they are not very good. I try to keep them simple so I will be able o remember them. You know what a pain on in the butt it is to have to go in and change a password because you forget what it was, it makes me want to pull my hair out.

I have like six passwords I keep imprinted in my memory so I can try to easily access the websites and apps I need to use, but my use of simple passwords could cost me more than I want to pay.

According to Tech Cult,

When we keep simple passwords, it becomes easy for hackers to break into your account. Brute force or rainbow table techniques can easily crack your passwords, and your important data and assets are in danger. They could get leaked or stolen. In both cases, you are at a loss. - Tech Cult


These 25 Passwords Are Still Bad, So Stop Using Them

We have been using these passwords since the beginning of passwords. They weren't good then and they aren't good now. Stop making it so easy to scam you or steal your identity.

Rules you should always follow when creating a password.

  • Don’t use dictionary words as your password.
  • Don’t use words that are easily guessable like the name of a place, sport, team, or any of your favorite stuff.
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols for the best results.
  • Create a password by combining random words.
  • Use Password Manager apps to save passwords.
  • Use Password Strength Analyzer to check your password’s vulnerability level.
  • If available, use multi-step authentication. It is the best option available now. - Tech Cult 

More tips to creating a good password.

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