Babies love to snuggle. It's so cute when they snuggle with a stuffed animal or a blanket when they are upset or sleepy.

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When my kids were babies I made them Silkies. I would hand-sew two pieces of satin together into a pillow shape, no padding though, and my two older kids loved it. My daughter had a purple one and my middle son had a blue one.

We had to have them with us at all times. The great thing was that if we lost the Silkies, I could always make another one. I just had to wash it a couple of times first to make it feel like the old one.

It wasn't as easy with my niece, Sophie. She chose a small stuffed snowman as her snuggle and emotional support buddy. My sister had to buy several to make sure that if she lost one, another was ready to go. But, once the replacements ran out, that was it. She couldn't find another one. Luckily, Sophia was old enough to accept a similar in its place.

You never know what a baby will choose to emotionally snuggle with, it could be anything. My youngest son didn't like a Silkie, he liked a Walmart blanket with lace around the edges. He would rub his nose with the lace to comfort himself. It was adorable.

Sometimes, kids choose very weird things that aren't really meant to be snuggled.

The mother of a baby in St. Louis, Illinois, posted this to Viral Hog.

Emotional support comes in all forms and wavelengths. Accidentally woke her up trying to prove it.

Watch the hilarious thing she snuggles.



How adorable is that? What it is about the HTML cord that is snuggle-worthy, I don't know. But, if she finds comfort in it, who are we to judge?

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