On the show this morning, I revealed that besides my 'Pet Rock,' the dumbest toy I ever had was a 'Baby Alive' doll. Apparently, I am NOT alone.


Although I had wanted to be a mommy from the time I got my first doll, I was NOT prepared for what a 'Baby Alive' really did... POOP!!!

The commercial acted like this would be the very best toy a little girl could ask for. See...

But even today, little girls all over the world, are changing there mind right after the first feeding! Watch 4-year-old Leah's reaction!

You will also find adult mothers laughing in the aisle when they see and hear this ridiculous toy! Yeah, the current version of 'Baby Alive' is like a Furbie without the fur.

Even toddler boys - imagine what their life will be like in the future. Is it boats, friends, fast cars and football? NO! It's babies speaking gibberish with poopy diapers! This poor little boy doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. LOL

Don't waste your money on this stupid toy unless you want to use it as birth control! ;-)