The ongoing heatwave has placed immense strain on communities, leaving many struggling to cope with the relentless heat. For those living on the streets, the situation is particularly dire as they fight for survival amidst unbearable conditions.

canva dehydration
canva dehydration

I think we usually associate winter as the most dangerous season for anyone living on the streets. But with the Exessive Heat Warning in effect, not having a place to cool off and plenty of water can be deadly. Aurora Evansville provides services to the homeless community in times of need, like giving out free water. But what happens when that supply runs out?

canva aurora water
canva aurora water


Aurora Evansville has reached a critical point this week, and its pantry is out of water. We can only go 3 days without water or we can die. When you get dehydrated it can cause many other health issues, too.

I contacted our friends at Aurora about the urgent need for water.

How many cases of water are you going through with this excessive heat, compared to a regular day?

"We are going through 3-4 (40 pack) cases a day with this heat 1 case a day is typical with lower temps."

What does this extreme heat mean for our homeless community?

"The extreme heat can mean death, folks are having a really hard time, heat is stressing everyone out. Add that to the stress of already being out on the streets, and people are breaking down. It’s also increased our lobby attendance more people are hanging around just trying to stay cool."

How to Help:

Donations can be dropped off anytime Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00 at 1001 Mary Street. Or online

You can also donate through Spreading Kindness with Sophie. Sophie and her moms will purchase cases of water and drop them off at Aurora.

With the critical water shortage at Aurora Evansville, urgent assistance is needed to prevent dire consequences. By rallying together and donating water or supporting the organization's efforts, the community can make a significant impact in helping those in need survive this dangerous heatwave.

Fundraising Event 

  • What: 2nd Annual River City Wiffle Ball Classic
  • When: Saturday, September 30, 2023, starting at 8 am
  • Where: Historic Bosse Field
  • WhoAurora & ECHO Housing are teaming up for this fundraiser to benefit both organizations
  • Why: The goal is to Strike Out Homelessness in our community
  • How much: the cost is $500 per team

Read More: Evansville's 2nd Annual Wiffle Ball Fundraiser for Homelessness

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