We always try to introduce you to new music on 99.5 WKDQ, but we can’t put everybody on air. So, I decided to start spotlighting some of my favorite artists just for you! New artists, old artists, in between artists, local artists, I’ve got them all!

Courtesy of Red Bow Records
Courtesy of Red Bow Records

The artist I decided to spotlight this week is Chase Bryant. Born and raised in Texas, music has been in his blood. I asked him when he considered himself a true professional, and he kinda laughed. Most artists start out by working a side job while trying to pursue their dreams, but not Chase. Ranging back to his Grandpa playing professionally, Chase never had a backup plan. While starting out his career with a publishing deal, it didn’t take him long to sign a deal with Red Bow Records. Apart from all of that, another big accomplishment for Chase this year was being named in Rolling Stone Country! Find out what he had to say about it in the audio below.

I wanted to do some fun stuff with Chase, so I asked him where the one place is he could eat at all day, every day. Originally he said Seafood, until he realized he’d be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner there. Then all of a sudden it was Mexican ;) His favorite TV shows are Duck Dynasty and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and if he had to wear one obnoxious color up on stage, it would be bright yellow!

Chase talks about his single in the video below. It’s called ‘Take It On Back’ and it’s available for purchase on iTunes. Stay connected with Chase on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and if you ever get the chance to see him play live, TAKE IT!

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