Ever since I was a small child, I've had a fascination with the sky. Whether it's a beautiful, starry night sky or a cloud filled, daytime sky, I'm always looking up with wonderment.

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Fascination with the Sky

The night sky, with it's endless possibilities, makes me think about life on other planets and how far the universe stretches.

The daytime sky is more of a close-up fascination. I love watching a storm front roll in, the brilliant colors of a sunrise or sunset, and just simply different cloud formations.

My favorite clouds

The clouds that always catch my eye and stops me in my tracks are the clouds that look like heave. You know the ones that are multi-dimensional with the sunbeams shining through the layers of clouds. That sky calms me, brings happiness to my heart, and fills me with wonder.

Stairway to heaven

I've taken many photos of 'heaven' clouds over the years. Driving as much as I do, I'm always at one with the open sky.  I think that is why when I came across this photo on Facebook, it took my breath away. There is no denying the heavenly stairs in this photo.

Isn't it just breathtaking? It's as if heaven opened up to give us a peek.

Vision of heaven

When my time on earth comes to an end, I hope I see a heaven this beautiful. Yes, I know this is exactly what we all envision heaven. Well, until I see otherwise, the entrance to my vision of heaven will look just like the photo. It looks like a place worth being extra good for.

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