With questions swirling around, since November 2017, about injuries Carrie Underwood sustained falling down stairs from the back door to her home, rumors are now surfacing of divorce for her and husband, Mike Fisher.

Ever since the news broke that Carrie had injured her wrist and sustained some other cuts and abrasions after falling at her home, then a noticeable lack of social media pics over the holidays, mixed news that her face had actually been injured and that she might look different, but a reality TV star said she saw no injury on Carrie's face when she saw her at the gym, WHEW, we have been concerned about her. We also heard that her husband, Mike Fisher, was retiring from professional hockey, in 2017, only to then hear that he was returning to the ice in the beginning of 2018. If nothing else, all that we are hearing about Carrie and Mike is confusing and disjointed and it has lead us to believe that something might be wrong. And, we are not alone.

Well, In Touch Weekly is reporting that they are in fact headed for divorce. Stating that their schedules and lack of family time are to blame. But the website, onecountry.com, says this is all hogwash. This is what E! has to say about it.

We love Carrie and only want what is best for her and her family. Let's all hope that for 2 year old, Isaiah's sake, the rumors aren't true.

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