This week I had one of those weird realizations that left me baffled. I had a rough night and didn't get much sleep so I decided to take a nap during my lunch. I stowed away in the video room, and got cozy on the couch and thought of the precious nap I was about to have.


Still silent.

Why is it so stinking quiet? Ohhh. Right I have no bed bed pugs.

Meet my bed pugs. Pretty much as long as Ive had Parker, he's slept in the bed at night. When Bruce Wayne came along, he did too. So at night, it's like a choirs of snoring coming from these two little pugs. Actually its like two grown men snoring. 8 little legs kicking me. Yes, they hog the bed too. Parker sounds like he's dying if you move him in the middle of the night.


So, Im curious, is this a problem for anyone else or am I just a weirdo? Is sleeping with your children like this, but just more human? I have no clue!


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