The Albion Fellows Bacon Center is hosting an incredible event on Franklin St, in Evansville, tomorrow. The UNITY interactive public art event has been held all over the county and was started as 'a response to the divisiveness and negative rhetoric in American politics' and to demonstrate that fact that we are all connected by something.


No matter our differences, we are all connected by something! UNITY is a larger-than-life public art structure that examines how our labels both help us and limit us from coming together. Participants of all ages will have the opportunity to tie colorful yarn to posts that reflect their identities. As a result, their yarn intertwines with others’ to create a web of interconnectedness.

Here is what the UNITY event looks like!!

UNITY on Franklin

Tomorrow (July 22) @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Franklin Street Bazaar-West Branch Library

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