The Oak Ridge Boys have been making music for years. When I think of them, probably like most, I think of "Elvira". The "oom papa maow maows" mainly. I recently found one that I forgot I loved a lot.

"I'll be true to you."


When I heard it as a kid, well, I was a kid. Life hadn't bit me in the butt and kicked it. When I got older I appreciated it more. I liked it cause its a great story of a woman waiting for a man who basically didn't care until it was too late. Dealing with relationships, you understand it more. Typical of people to pass by someone who could've made things better in their life, only to realize they passed fabulous to get the not so fabulous.

The Oak Ridge Boys will be at the Victory Theater Friday August 18 at 7pm. Tickets are still available! Don't miss your chance to see a great show!




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