If you love winning prizes, then you should be SUPER EXCITED because 30 Days of Giveaways is back to WKDQ!

Be listening every weekday in the month of September between 6 am and 6pm for your chance to win! When you hear the "30 Days of Giveaways" Cue to Call be call # 9 at 1-877-437-5995 and you will have a chance to spin the WKDQ prize wheel!

You could win Concert tickets, Holiday World passes, Gift Cards to go out to eat, trips to the Grand Ole Opry and so much more!

Plus you can even get a heads up by download the WKDQ App! Every Monday morning at 8 am, we will text out the exact hours the Cue To Call will play!

WKDQ's 30 Days of Giveaways is brought to you by Simply Savvy Photography

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