Having guests come over to your house, whether they stay or just come for a visit, can get really weird sometimes. We all have guests, who have come over, and done some crazy things.

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Leslie: Once, when my bonus daughter had a friend over to spend the night, I walked into the kitchen and found her putting a big spoon full of JIF peanut butter into her mouth. I stood there to see what she was going to do and she put the spoon BACK into the jar of peanut butter. She took it out, ate it too, and then stuck it BACK in the jar of another.</p><p>After the third spoonful, she put the lid back on the jar and put it back in the cabinet. Then she walked over and put the dirty spoon in the sink. I'm not sure what shocked me the most, the fact that she ate three spoons full of peanut butter right out of a jar that belonged to someone else, or that fact that she, unlike my kids who live in my house, knew where the sink was to put her dirty dishes. LOL

Ryan O'Bryan: It's funny when we bought our first house, I wanted one with a basement for the purpose of hosting get-togethers. I even had a buddy build me a bar to put down there. In the 13 years, we lived in that house, I think we had friends come over once. When we bought our current home, we bought one with more square footage, not just because our family was growing, but for the purpose of hosting holiday get-togethers with family, or the occasional friend get-together. In the four years, we've lived there, that's happened about three times. It turns out, cleaning up after everyone has left is a pain, so we just don't have them over.

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