Ask nearly anyone in the Tri-State, regardless of what city, town, or county they live in, what they wish we had in the area, and you'll get a variety of answers. Usually it's a store or restaurant they've visited in a bigger city (feel free to stop by anytime, Trader Joe's). But what about the things we already have. Can we have too much of something? The answer apparently is "YES!", and the variety of answers is just as wide.

I recently asked my Facebook friends to tell me something they think we have too much of in the Tri-State, and the answers ranged from the obvious to the "I didn't realize too many of that particular thing was an issue." Here's what they said:

1. Chain Restaurants

We do certainly have more than enough options when it comes to stuffing our faces, but seeing that it seems like every time a new chain restaurant opens in the area, waiting less than an hour for a table seems to take about three months after the grand opening, it doesn't appear that the majority of the area has a problem with it.

2. Gas Stations / Convenience Stores

This one surprised me a little bit. I'd rather have too many than not enough for those times you're running on fumes because you weren't paying attention to the gas gauge, or you pushing the limits of your bladder and may not make it home in time.

3. Liquor Stores

Again, I didn't realize there are an over-abundance of these. To my knowledge, there's only one where I live in Newburgh, if you don't count Schnuck's, Ruler Foods, or Walmart. A quick search on Google Maps shows quite a few in Evansville, however. If you feel there's a problem with people abusing alcohol in the area, then I can definitely see where you would think we don't need that many.

4. Car Washes

I hadn't thought about this one until it was mentioned in the comments, but the more I did think about it, there does seem to be quite a few around the area between the automatic washes, and the bay washes where you feed the machine full of quarters then race to see if you can get your whole car clean before the time runs out. Are we that dirty?

5. Roundabout

These are starting to become more popular around the area, but I don't get understand why. I know they're supposed to improve traffic flow and prevent the need for more stop lights, but am I the only one who gets confused as to who as the right of way on these things?

6. Unwanted Animals

Every Thursday, Kendall Paul from the Vanderburgh County Humane Society stops by for our Pet of the Week segment and inevitably the conversation turns to just the abundance of animals they are trying to find homes for, especially cats. Sadly, they're not alone we have several humane society's and animal rescues all over the Tri-State and it seems that nearly all of them are near, at, or over capacity. Why do think Bob Barker kept reminding us to spay and neuter our pets? It wasn't for his health. Do what Bob says people!

7. Pot Holes

Yes, yes, and yes! The irony here is that we all think there are too many pot holes, but we all hate when traffic gets interrupted so they can send a crew out to fill them (more on that later). Sorry, but we can't have it both ways.

8. Mexican Restaurants

It does feel like there are a lot of Los or El somethings across the area, but come on, can you have too much Mexican food? I'll vote, "No" on that one.

9. Dollar General / Dollar Tree / Family Dollar

Three different stores, all with the same business model. And they do seem like they are everywhere. Fun fact: Dollar General purposely seeks out rural areas where shopping options may be a 20 to 30 minute drive one way. Not a bad business model that's obviously working for them because they do seem to be everywhere around the Tri-State.

10. Smartphones and Driving

We're all guilty (present company included) of talking on the phone, or checking a text message while we're cruising down the Lloyd, Highway 41, or one of the many other busy roads in the area despite knowing the risk we're taking. It's hard not to, but believe it or not, that text can wait until you get home or to the office. If you absolutely must check right away, find a parking lot to pull into first.

11. Vacant Properties

I know the City of Evansville is doing what they can to clean up vacant properties, but like everything else, it requires workers and money which makes it difficult to attack quickly. I'm not sure how easy it would be to do, but I though Melanie Berry had a pretty good idea that would not only help this issue, but tackle another as well.

(Ryan O'Bryan via Facebook)
(Ryan O'Bryan via Facebook)

12. Bars

I think this falls under the liquor store category in that if you feel the Tri-State has an alcohol abuse problem, then you could argue the number of bars in the area is only contributing to the problem. Or maybe you don't think people need to drink to have a good time.

13. Panhandling

I don't think the complaint here is that people are begging for money. Let's be honest, any one of us could someday find ourselves at rock bottom for any number of reasons and have to rely on the kindness of strangers no matter how much it hurts our pride. There are assumptions that whatever money they do get is being used for drugs and alcohol. While that may be true for a few, I'd hate to stereotype and say it applies to all. One person who commented said their concern is the amount of trash left behind when a number of panhandlers gather looking for a handout, which I would understand if it were happening in my neighborhood.

14. Storage Facilities

Here's another one I didn't think about, but I'm not sure why it would be an issue. Sure, we could just tell people to quit buying so much stuff they don't need, but how you feel if someone told you that? They need to put it somewhere.

15. Banks

This was mentioned by not one, but two people. I'm not sure why it would be considered a problem. I don't know too many banks that are an eyesore.

16. Stoplights

This has been a complaint by many in the Tri-State, especially in Evansville for more years than I can remember, and I agree. It does seem like we have more than we need. With that said, I will give the City credit. They were able to eliminate a few on a pretty long stretch of the Lloyd Expressway since re-doing the Lloyd and Highway 41 interchange, and building the overpass at Fulton Avenue. Now there's not one stoplight between Vann Avenue on the east side all the way to Wabash Avenue of Flags on the west side. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

17. Road Construction

This was by far the most mentioned thing in my comments. I was born and raised in Evansville, and I can't remember a time where we've had more road construction and traffic detours then we've had this year. New orange barrels and cones seem to pop up daily like their rabbits in heat. That's the price of progress, I suppose.

Is there something not on this list you think there should be? Let me know by hitting up by leaving a comment below.

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