Drinking songs obviously go hand-in-hand with country music, but there are different kinds of drinking songs, too. There are songs about beer, songs about whiskey, and then there are the top country songs about tequila!

Tequila has played a role in many a country misadventure in songs, but it's also the subject of some fond odes. Some of the songs on this list of the best tequila songs in country music lament ever picking up the bottle that led to later problems, while some celebrate a fun time that starts with some liquid refreshment. There's a country tequila song for just about every scenario.

Some of country music's most legendary artists have sung about tequila, and some of the top tequila tunes are relatively recent. Take a look below for the best country songs about tequila.

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    George Strait

    George Strait made a straight-up commercial for his own line of Codigo tequila when he recorded "Codigo" in 2018. The lyrics are an unapologetic celebration of the liquor.

    "I'm talkin' 'bout Código / I take it with me everywhere I go / Best tequila, baby, don't you know / A little sip and you're ready to roll," Strait sings in the chorus. Though "Codigo" was not one of Strait's massive run of hit singles, it's still a worthy song to kick off the top tequila songs in country music.

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    "Mexico, Tequila and Me"

    Alan Jackson

    Alan Jackson is another great example of a legendary artist who released a great later-career song about tequila. Jackson's "Mexico, Tequila and Me" dropped in 2015, and the lyrics describe a man who's putting all his cares behind him on a fun vacation where the only things he'll have to worry about are "Mexico, tequila and me." The rockin' country track is as much fun as the activities it describes.

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    "Straight Tequila Night"

    John Anderson

    John Anderson scored one of the all-time greatest country songs about tequila with "Straight Tequila Night." Released as the second single from his Seminole Wind album in 1991, the song admonished a man who's thinking about approaching a woman in a bar. "Don't ask her on a straight tequila night / She'll start thinking about him, and she's ready to fight," the lyrics warn. The song reached No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.

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    "Tequila Town"

    Brooks & Dunn

    Brooks & Dunn have always had a way with relating to the average Joe who's down on his luck, and "Tequila Town" from 1996 paints a picture that could be happening in any bar on any given night. The narrator has lost the woman he loves, and he vows he's going to "live it up 'til I live her down / Lost in tequila town." Though it wasn't a single, it's still one of the standout songs on their classic Borderline album.

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    "Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo"

    Tracy Byrd

    Tracy Byrd is a man on a mission in his classic tequila song, "Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo." Originally going to the bar to drink his woman's memory off his mind, he ends up getting in over his head.

    "And after ten rounds with Jose Cuervo / I lost count and started counting again," he sings ruefully at the end. The up-tempo track gave Byrd a No. 1 hit in 2002.

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    "Tequila Talkin'"

    Lonestar showed a very different side of their music when they released "Tequila Talkin'" as their debut single in 1995. Though they would go on to much success with lush ballads, "Tequila Talkin'" is a relatively traditional-leaning country song with a classic lyric about a man who tells his former flame, "If I said I'm still in love with you / It was just the tequila talkin.'" The song reached No. 8 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.

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    "Tequila Sunrise"

    The Eagles

    One of the best-known tequila songs of all time is surely the Eagles classic "Tequila Sunrise." The slow, achingly melodic song finds the narrator drowning his sorrows all night and lamenting, "It's another tequila sunrise" because his love has gone away. Named after a drink that was popular at the time, the song has transcended that and is one of the most durable tequila songs of all time, providing a paradigm for several generations of subsequent songs on the matter.

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    "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off"

    Joe Nichols

    Joe Nichols scored his second No. 1 hit in 2005 with "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off." The fun, mid-tempo party song finds the narrator worried when his girl is headed out for a night of drinks with friends because as she's demonstrated on many occasions, "Tequila makes her clothes fall off." The fun play on words is one of the most memorable tequila songs in country music.

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    Dan + Shay

    After so many great country songs about tequila, it's hard to put a new spin on the topic. Dan + Shay managed it just fine in 2018, when they took "Tequila" to the top of the charts and saw it become one of the breakout songs in country music in years. The lyric tells of a man who's fine with any other drink, but he's reminded of bittersweet times with his ex "when I taste tequila."

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    "You and Tequila"

    Kenny Chesney Feat. Grace Potter

    Kenny Chesney scored one of the biggest, most important hits of his career with "You and Tequila" in 2011. He paired with Grace Potter for "You and Tequila," which finds him reflecting on a relationship that's alluring, but ultimately toxic. "You and tequila make me crazy," he sings over a mellow mid-tempo acoustic guitar bed. The song reached No. 3 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, but its impact on Chesney's artistry runs much deeper than that, helping to usher in an era of his career that saw him reaching for more meaningful song choices. That's what qualifies it for the top spot on the list of the best tequila songs in country music.

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