Every few years, a crop of new artists hit country music that make a big impact.  Sometimes those artists are very young with lots of talent.  Stars like Hunter Hayes and Taylor Swift got started at a very young age and it paid off in number one hits.  Here's a list of some of the youngest stars to ever claim a number one country hit!

1973 - Marie Osmond - 14 Years and 28 days old - PAPER ROSES

Marie holds the record of the youngest person to score a country number one hit.

1957 - Phil Everly of the Everly Bothers - 18 years and 6 months old - BYE BYE LOVE

Phil is the youngest Male to score a country number one

2012 - Hunter Hayes - 21 years and 2 weeks old - WANTED

Hunter now holds the distinction of being the youngest solo male artist to have a number one country hit

1973 - Tanya Tucker - 14 years and 7 months - WHAT'S YOUR MAMA'S NAME

Tanya held the 'youngest with a number one' title all of six months, before Marie Osmond broke the record, being six months younger than Tucker.

1996 - LeAnn Rimes - 15 years old - ONE WAY TICKET (BECAUSE I CAN)

LeAnn recorded her first record for Curb at 13, and released 'Blue' as the first single.  It took her until 15 to reach number one.

1973 - Johnny Rodriguez - 21 Years old - YOU ALWAYS COME BACK TO HURTING ME

Johnny was the youngest male solo act to reach number one until Hunter Hayes hit number one with 'Wanted' last year, three months younger.

1995 - Bryan White - 21 Years Old - SOMEONE ELSE'S STAR

Bryan was just 3 and a half months older than Johnny Rodriguez when he scored his first number one

2001 - Jessica Andrews - 17 Years Old - WHO I AM

She was just 14 when her first single came out, but it took her to 17 to get her one and only number one

2007 - Taylor Swift - 17 Years Old - OUR SONG

She started her run of number ones at 17 and it has yet to stop.  Taylor should find the same kind of sustained success of Tanya Tucker and Marie Osmond if not better!

2010 - Neil Perry of The Band Perry - IF I DIE YOUNG

Neil is one-third of one of the hottest groups around today, and he celebrated his first number one at 20 years and 5 months old, making him the youngest male since Phil Everly to score a number one!