I'm a Kentucky boy and have always been.  I've never lived out of the state.  Grew up in Louisville, went to school in Bowling Green, worked in Murray.  I now live in Henderson, and after 5 years there, I've picked up a few things similar to me list of reasons you know you're from Evansville.

  • 1

    There are more pizza places than people

    The first thing that struck me when I came to this town is the sheer number of pizza places.  It's hard to keep your Mister B's from Johnny B's and Kelsey G's, but add in Dave's and Pony Express and Lucy Bellas and Pizza Station and Firedome and Bruiser's plus all the normal chains like Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and Domino's, and yes there are more coming.  Good thing I like pizza!

  • 2

    You've ever had to dart across 4 lanes between semis on 41

    Henderson is a major crossroads, as in you have to cross through our main drag to get where you're going.  Until I-69 is finished (or started), there will always be speeding semis on 41 and when a barge hits the bridges, everyone is waiting a long, long time.

  • 3

    Even though it's been on 60 East for 6 years, you still call it the 'New Walmart'

    There's only one Walmart in town these days.  It's time to let go of the old 41 location.  It's a flea market now.

  • 4

    Tri-Fest is the only 'Fest' that matters

    While people in Evansville may flock to the west side in October for the Fall Festival, Henderson natives are perfectly content with their April tradition called Tri-Fest.  They may have a quarter of the food booths, but they have a fraction of the people to deal with and that's OK with us.

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  • 5

    When your friends from Evansville visit they have to make a 'Money-Saving Bridge' joke

    That Ron Faupel of Henderson Chevrolet sure put that phrase to good use, and now everybody else wants to beat it into the ground.  My question is, since I work in Evansville, do I lose money when I go to work?

  • 6

    You've argued J&B BBQ vs. Thomason's BBQ

    Everybody in Hendo has their favorite.  I will abstain from a vote, but one thing is for sure...no one better bring up Owensboro's Moonlight at risk of a stabbing with a BBQ fork.

  • 7

    You can see where you are going in town, yet it still takes 15 minutes to get there

    Whether your destination is on a big hill, on the other side of a big farm, or in the vicinity of Audubon Park, you can often times see exactly where you need to go.  The problem is that the roads don't always go directly there.  My best friend lives probably 3 minutes away, as the crow flies, but it takes all of 20 minutes to get there.

  • 8

    You can justify that the town of Zion is pronounced with only one syllable

    ZY-ohn, ZY-uhn, ZEE-ONN...nope it's ZYYYYYYNE

  • 9

    You've corrected someone by telling them Ellis Park is indeed in Kentucky

    The obvious conclusion to most would be that when you cross the Ohio River on a bridge from Henderson, you're in Indiana.  Not true.  Henderson natives will fight if you try to tell them that Ellis Park is in Indiana...all logic aside, the river, horse track, and about a mile past it is all part of Kentucky.

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  • 10

    You can't go one day without seeing a statue of a bird

    Owls, Eagles, Cranes, Kingfishers, you'll see them all immortalized throughout the city of Henderson thanks to the famous John James Audubon who studied the birds of the area.  From the park paying tribute to his name to the downtown streets to other parks around town, you'd be hard pressed to go far without seeing one of these bird statues.