The world of professional wrestling.....I know, everybody says it's fake and to a large degree it is, but please don't tell our afternoon guy Eric Cornish. Regardless of what you think of wrestling, these guys are incredible athletes and have to be extremely skilled and every move, especially the aerial ones, need to be executed with the utmost precision. The wrestler in the below video appears to be attempting what is called a 'moonsault', but it seems he may actually be trying to do a double moonsault! Obviously, he didn't get the precision memo. Either way, he messes up.......BIG TIME and lands on his head!

My favorite part is when the other wrestler actually moves in to pin the guy who almost killed himself in order to get the win.....Dude, that's harsh.

See for yourself below, but I warn you, this is tough to watch. At least he's able to move afterward. Last warning, watch only if you're tough enough....this will make you shiver, guaranteed.