Today is World Cancer Day. It's a day to empower your friends and family members who are fighting for their lives, a day to remember those you love who have lost their battle and a day to take charge of your OWN life by becoming informed and screened.

Because of my family history and my age, I get annual mammograms. But, just this week because of change in my family history,  I got my first colonoscopy. Although reluctant and scared as Hell to get it done, I did it. I am SO happy I did.

Everything looked great! (clean as a whistle, if you So, unless I have any problems, I don't have to have another one for five years. If you are over 50 or have a family member diagnosed with Colon Cancer, please talk to your doctor about scheduling YOUR colonoscopy.
Both of my parents were diagnosed with Cancer late last year. Mom has Ovarian Cancer. So, for that reason I will be getting an ultrasound of my ovaries during my yearly exam to look for shape or size changes. Because of getting colonoscopies and early detection, my dad had surgery and is cured. He required no chemo or radiation. Mom is still fighting, though.
I wrote this blog to honor my parents on this day, and everyday, for their bravery, positive spirits and strength. <3

Find out more and how you can help the fight against Cancer, here.