I knew this extreme couponing thing would lead to mass hysteria.  Extreme couponing is the craze where people use so many discounts, they can get a thousand dollars of groceries for 2 dollars!  If you haven't seen the show on TLC check out this crazy woman and her 9 carts full of stuff.  I watch this show, that my wife loves to DVR shking my head saying, "how do the stores allow this?"  Well one store finally fought back in a strange way.

According to KTRV-TV, April Cuevas has been banned from every Walmart in the US for life, because of a confrontation with a store manager.  Cuevas was told that Walmart's "Ad Match" policy had changed when she tried to use competitor stores' coupons.  When a store manager came to talk to her about it, she started to record the conversation on her iPhone.  Cuevas then claims that the manager slapped her hand away, and told her to pay full price or leave the store.  Later she found out that she had been banned from all Walmart stores.  It remains a mystery if she was banned for the coupons or for the phone.  Read more of the story here.

I have an idea...saving money's great, but you should never spend more time couponing than shopping.  Extreme couponers are just tricking the system.  Good for you...get a life!