Wingsuit Base Jumping is becoming more and more popular, and it's as dangerous as it gets. These guys basically put on a special wingsuit, jump off a very high cliff and soar through the air at speeds over 200 mph. Alexander Polli is one of the best in the world and he just attempted a jump that has never been done before. Polli discovered a small, narrow triangular cave opening at a recent jump site in Spain and decided to try and fly through it, which has NEVER been done before.

Polli jumped from a helicopter and the whole thing was captured on his helmet-cam. How he maneuvers himself to the opening is anybody's guess, but he does and flies through the opening at 155 mph just above the surface...are you kidding me! These guys are nuts, but this is one of coolest videos you will ever see - definitely worth a look. Cowabunga dude!