What started out as a compliment on the shirt I'm wearing today, turned into a rant about current fashion trends.

Charlotte Russe (which, by the way is the brand of the awesome shirt I'm wearing today) used to be my favorite store but as of lately, everything looks like it's been puked by the 1980s. I've been there and I've done that and I aint goin' back! Over the weekend, I discovered the Banana Republic outlet store. I liked it! Does that mean that I'm old or that I just have classic taste? Or does it mean that the style that's trending at the moment just sucks? Who's with me? Can I get an AMEN!!!

Colored Pants

For example, I don't wear colored pants. Won't do it! I don't want my legs to be orange or red. I feel like I would be fixated on my legs and I don't like seeing color "down below." LOL ;) And, for a double whammy, you can always look like Gold Member from Austin Powers.


I don't like lace unless you are sleeping or trying to be sexy and there's no place to be sexy on girls under 18. It looks CHEAP! Who wears lace anyway? Who ever thought that was a good plan? And it's itchy!


I can't stand all the bangles and that cheap tin looking garbage that's everywhere! If it's going to turn my skin green, I don't want it!

These Things

I don't even know what to say about these things. Who wears these? I didn't even wear pants like this when it WAS the eighties! But, O think I might get a pair and wear them one morning for Jon. See what or IF he says anything! HAHA! Or, I might just get a pair for Jon to wear. (insert wolf whistle here!)


I can't wait until this madness ends!!! ;-)