Ahh, the summer job. You slave away during your break so you can "save" your money and live easy during the school year. Yeah right! We compiled a list of the best summer jobs here in Evansville. If you know of any more, let us know!

This one is great because you know you won't get trapped into working more hours into the school year. Plus, it's a great feeling to make a kid's summer special!

If you enjoy children, summer is a perfect time to babysit. Whether you watch older kids that are on break or occasionally sit for parents going out on a date it's a great way to earn extra cash.

Unlike children, when you sit for an animal you can literally... just... sit there.

This is a great one because it's only during the weekend and office cleaning isn't deep scrubbing - it's pretty easy.

Stand there and look nice. Make the product seem irresistible! Bam! All in a day's work.

You may need some extra training for this but you'll get a tan and check out all the pretty summer bods.

Yes, you can get paid to hold signs along the road. Perfect for someone who wants 0 responsibility. Just show up.

Brides can get a little crazy but helping them make their big day special can be very rewarding.

You probably won't make better money doing anything else on this list. Bartending is great for a college student (server for high school) because you get to work the late hours, see the best bands, hang out with friends and learn a skill you can always fall back on. Check local catering companies if you want to do the gig on a very part time basis.

Who needs to work out? A summer full of handling boxes and freight and you'll be on your way to some serious muscles.

Yes, painting sucks but it's a great skill to learn. If you ever get in a financial "spot" you can use your skills to pick up some part-time hours.