I was browsing around the Seize the Deal website today because there is a big 70% off sale and I noticed there's a whole date available - for a fraction of the price.

First thing's first - the car. Get your car sparkling with a detail or wash. Click here to see our auto care deals.

Next, we need flowers. It's not really a date unless you bring flowers (and open the car door.) Click here to buy a half-dozen of roses (with a vase) for only $9!

Finally, you can even save on dinner. From fine dining to a more casual experience, there are lots of dinner choices. Click here to browse the restaurants and dining.

Now, what you choose to do for entertainment - well, that's up to you! But, by acting fast, you can get a date night on the cheap! 70% off deal on lasts Friday, Jan 17, 2014 and quantities are limited!