Going to the restroom is very different for men and women. Women tend to almost use going to the restroom as a social gathering, when one gets up to go, the others in that group will follow. It is a very different story for men. We aren't going to go with a buddy and we are certainly not looking for any interaction unless you are a politician from Minnesota. We have one goal and that is to get in and out as quicly as possible and get what we need to get done, period! However, sometimes there is that one guy that just doesn't understand proper men's room ettiquette.

 The folks at guyism.com put togter a list of 7 unwritten laws every guy should and needs to know and they are as follows:

7.No Talking

The mens restroom is not a social club to make new friends and meet interesting people. There is absolutely no need to acknowledge the existence of anyone else in the room. It doesn't matter how hot the girl is out in the bar or your secret love of Glee, now is just not the time

6. Eyes Forward At All Times

Standing at a urinal is not the place for a wandering eye unless you enjoy getting punched in the face. There might be several innocent reasons for turning your head, but  unless there is a sports page on the wall just above your urinal, keep your eyes focused on your business. If the guy next to you thinks you are looking at him, do I need to tell you what he's thinking??

5. When Possible, No Urinal Neighbors

Guys should be spaced out as far as possible among available urinals. The only reason someone should be standing right next to you is because there are no open urinals. Always keep at least one between you if possible.

4. Courtesy Flush

If the moment arises that you need to use a stall, home field advantage is always the best policy, be kind to your fellow squatters and pop off a courtesy flush or two....do I really have to explain??

3. Check For Feet

Bathroom stall locks are not always reliable, which could open you up to a potentially embarrassing possibility of walking in on someone who is currently seated. To avoid this, check for feet before entering. If that is not possible, open the door with great hesitation to allow the guy to inform you "SOMEONE'S IN HERE!"

2. Don't Pee On The Toilet Paper

Really.....do we even have to go here???? Some guys actually think this is funny, I can assure you it's not. Don't pee on anything except that little pool of water at the bottom of the bowl. I know aim can be difficult sometimes, but how hard is it to hit a target from point-blank range?

1. Flush Your Deuce

As proud as you may be, nobody else will be!! It's bad enough when you have to use a nasty gas station toilet, don't make the next guy feel any

worse than he already does about being too far from home...just sayin'.

I hope this helps. Happy trails boys.