Sadly, there will always be a few  low lifes who will try to make selfish gains from the misfortune of others. Thankfully, in this case, two women who made false claims in order to get free money following the Indiana State Fair stage collapse have been caught — and are being charged.

According to Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, Stephanie Murry, 25, and Sandra Hurn, 38, of Indianapolis attempted to collect money from both the State Fair Remembrance Fund and the Indiana Tort Claim Fund, though it is believed that neither of the two women were at the fair on the night of the stage collapse.

The miserable excuses for human beings attempted to collect a total of $22,500 from the available funds. Murry and Hurn claim to have been injured in the crash, which killed seven and injured 58 others just minutes before country duo Sugarland were due to take the stage.

Hurn, who was able to collect a total of $7,500 from the remembrance fund, is looking at a maximum of 36 years in prison if convicted on charges of forgery, perjury, theft and attempted theft. While Murry was denied money because she did not meet the qualifications, she is still looking at a maximum of 14 years behind bars. In order to catch the two BAD APPLES, officials ‘approved’ both of the women’s requests — and arrested them when they came to get their checks.

YES!!!!!! Throw the book at them!!!!! How bout a life sentance??? ;-)