We live in a visual world today for sure. There are literally cameras everywhere, whether  on our phones or elsewhere. We can literally see news happening as it is happening thanks to today's technology, which wasn't always the case. Someone compiled footage some of the greatest tragedies caught on film from the early 1900s and put them into one video. Back then, there were no hand held cameras that simply fit in your pocket...they were large, heavy and very bulky, not to mention difficult to move around. Most of these 'films' were shot from one perspective and one angle.

The combination of old film and and some remarkably amazing imagery makes this an extremely fascinating watch. The detail of the shots was almost as good back then as it is  today, which creates a very interesting contrast.

This video is no way meant to be funny or humorous and is tragically sad. Even though we might shake our heads at the apparent carelessness of what they were attempting, all of them were truly trying to innovate and make a contribution for the future....and most of them did exactly that.