So, by some chance, you got an invitation to the wedding today of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.  Of course, if you're like me, you buy the wedding gift on the way to the cerimony, so let's get your shopping list together for the happy couple with the top 5 gifts to get Blake and Miranda.

1) Deer Scent - It's a pretty well-known fact that both Blake and Miranda are avid hunters.  Maybe Miranda will make Blake wear the scent to keep off crazy female fans.  Or maybe just to see that she tracks him down, cause after all, she's good at tracking deer.  She recently tweeted that there will be deer cutlets at the wedding today...deer cutlets that she harvested herself!

2) Conway and Loretta CD

This is one of the reasons that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are so compatible.  Their heroes were duet partners for years.  Everyone saw the awesome moment at this past year's CMA's as Miranda accepted her Female Vocalist trophy from Loretta.  Just listen to Blake and you'll know that he loves Conway, with his cover of Conway's "Goodbye Time," a mention in "Hillbilly Bone," and a mention of both Conway and Loretta in "Honey Bee."

3) A Pair of iPhones

Blake Shelton has taken Tweeting to a new level.  I'm surprised he's not going to be using Twitter during the ceremony, but he stated on Thursday, he would be absent for a few days.  Miranda has become quite the Tweeter in her own right, referring to Blake on the social network as her "financy."  By now they've worn out the screen on their old ones, hook em up with some new miniature computers that make calls from time to time.

4) Couples Counseling from Tim and Faith

I'm not saying the lovebirds are going to have major problems.  I just know how hard it is to maintain a marriage when you both have a successful recording career.  Luckily, Tim and Faith have made it for over 15 years, so maybe they can set Blake and Miranda on their path and not that of George and Tammy.

5) Camouflage Lingerie

What a way to heat up a cold deer stand.  This is a perfect honeymoon treat, and a good way to fend off the paparazzi.  Plus if the the hunt isn't going well, you can settle for a little "snuggling" in the woods.  Just be careful not to roll into the Gun Powder and Lead.