Today is July 20th and the 43rd anniversary of Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong's historic first step on to the surface of the moon when he uttered one of the most famous lines in American history, "That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind." He then became the first man to set foot on the lunar surface, which was incredible to watch on TV, especially if you were watching Walter Cronkite who became giddy like a child when he said, "Wow!"

The day also marked my little brother's 8th birthday and he was so ticked off because all of the attention was on the lunar landing and his birthday celebration just kind of got lost in the shuffle. Our parents removed themselves long enough to watch him open his gifts, and then it was back to the brother cried and believe me, it had nothing to do with what Armstrong had just done.

Here we are 43 years later with no space program and NASA is all but shut down...very sad. That was such an exciting time and seemed like our potential then was limitless and our future looked as if it had no bounds. We have made some great strides with technology, thanks to that mission, but at the same time, it feels like we haven't gone far enough.

One of the most interesting things about that event 43 years ago is that there are some among us that believe the moon landing never happened and it was done on a secret movie set somewhere. I know people right now that believe that with every fiber of their being. As much as they think it is ridiculous to think we could have actually landed on the moon, I think the exact opposite that it is ridiculous to think we did not land on the moon.

Our possibilities still seem endless - it just feels like nobody cares anymore and that s the saddest part of all. With all of the negative in today's society, wouldn't it be great if we could do something that would unite us all just like it did 43 years ago? That would be awesome. See Armstrong's first step again below.