National Food Day is TODAY!! I know, we enjoy our food everyday! But, we don't always enjoy the right foods. Today, in downtown Evansville, Seton Harvest and Healthy Communities Partnership have banned together to celebrate food by giving AND showing us healthy food options!



Jill and Julie came into the studio yesterday and left this info -

Seton Harvest and Healthy Communities Partnership are hosting a National Food Day for Evansville. Evansville Food Day is Thursday, Oct 24 from 11-1 at the corner of Second and Sycamore St. ( Where the farmers market is every Friday)

Our Food Day will consist of a farmers market with vendors of fresh healthy sustainable produce and a health fair. We will have cooking demonstration and speakers.

Food Day is a year round nationwide celebration of and movement toward more healthy, affordable and sustainable food. Food Day was created by the Center of Science for the Public Interest and contacted me a few months ago about having something in Evansville.

This is a free event for all, the vendors and all of Evansville of the Tri-State!