The Zac Brown Band will be making their first appearance as a headliner tonight at the Ford Center in Downtown Evansville at 7pm. The band has enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom since their single 'Chicken Fried' hit the charts in 2009. The most successful 'country' band in history is Alabama and no other band has come close to Alabama's fact, Alabama is third most successful band of all time behind only the Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Country has enjoyed many great bands over the years like Sawyer Brown, Restless Heart, Diamond Rio, Little Texas and Lonestar to name a few. Bands of today making a mark include the Eli Young Band and the Band Perry, but there is something about the Zac Brown Band that sets them apart from the field with their easy going, down home sound that really connects with people in all age groups and on so many levels. It is just one man's opinion, but I really believe that the Zac Brown Band is the closest to doing for country music what Alabama did for country for so long.

One thing that separates Zac Brown from any other act is their now famous 'Eat & Greet' that they do in place of the traditional Meet & Greet. Zac Brown himself is an accomplished chef and owned a restaurant before embarking on his musical journey and over the years has amassed many recipes like his famous 'jackknife potato salad' which he has brought to the Eat & Greet.

You get the unique opportunity to join the band in a very relaxed casual atmosphere and just hang out and eat and what could be better than that. The guys come in and chat and eat with you for an experience unlike any other you have ever had, and one you won't soon forget. Enjoy the show, but go easy on the gravy if you know what's good for you....just sayin'.