The question for this morning’s “Jon and Leslie Want to Know” was “What animal would YOU be?” I can tell you what I definitely would NOT be. Peacocks absolutely terrify me!

Long story short about my traumatizing experience goes like this: I competed in a dance competition in Ohio when I was 11 and during one of our free days, we decided to go to the Cincinnati Zoo. I’m not sure if all zoos are like this or if Cincinnati was special, but there were peacocks roaming EVERYWHERE! A friend of mine thought it would be funny to scare one of them, so instead of it turning on her, it came at ME! The terrifying creature chased me through the parking lot until one of the adults finally got it away from me, but it continued to stalk me throughout the zoo.

Let’s be honest. I’m not a big fan of birds to begin with, but when you have a bird looking at you like this, you don’t have time to think twice about running!

ThinkStock Photo

I mean, even their tongues look sharp! Who wants that chasing them?!

ThinkStock Photo

Apparently zoos aren’t the only environments peacocks get to freely wander around in.


The same friend who caused this problem decided to send me this picture during prom with her now husband. Joke’s on them. That bird could’ve pecked them to death at any point in time, while I was at a safe distance! ;)