The correct spelling of the Libyan leader's name has long been a mystery and news organizations around the world seem to all have their own spelling. Abc News one reported as many as 112 different variations. In fact, this issue was addressed in an episode of the TV series 'The West Wing'. Gaddafi, Kadafi, Qaddafi, Kaddafi....which of these are correct? When Libyan rebels stormed the leader's compound recently, one of the items found was the passport of his eldest son that reveals the correct spelling to be 'Gathafi'. One of the reasons this has been so mysterious is because Gathafi has long refused to use any language other than Arabic in public, despite rumors that he is fluent in English and Italian. This find, however does not clear up the correct spelling of his first name which has also been subject to speculation. Some news agencies may stick with whatever spelling they have used for purposes of consistency, but it appears the mystery, for now

has been solved.