New Study Says Women Make Better Business Leaders Than Men
I can just hear some of my male counterparts screaming as they read this, but there really is something to this. Women have not enjoyed equality in the workplace, especially in leadership positions for decades. A new study says that women are more effective workplace leaders than men and they back i…
Men Speak Differently To Fertile Women
Even the most smooth talking men will likely tell you they’ve been tongue-tied around women at some point in their lives. Now, a new study says that when men interact with a woman who’s ovulating, they change their speech patterns.
High School Decides NOT To Have A Cougar Mascot [POLL]
There is no doubt that the word “cougar” has changed over the last few decades — no longer just meaning a “a large American wild cat with a plain tawny to grayish coat,” it now also suggests a whole different kind of animal — usually a super hot woman, o…
Finally, A Beer For Chicks
Although most people think of beer as a "man drink" , I actually enjoy a beer every once in a while! :-) Beer companies are trying to change the stereotype and tap into a target market of women with money to spend.
Companies like Michelob are trying to do just that  w…
Things You Should Never Do Or Say To A Pregnant Woman
All mothers know that when you are pregnant people feel like they can do or say ANYTHING to you. For some reason, their are no boundaries. According to Associated Content, here are some definite NO NOS!!!
1. "Rub or feel her belly."   If you wouldn't do it when she is…

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