Using Drones to Photograph Weddings is Illegal
Hiring a photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions for your big day, but before you do, make sure how you want it photographed is legal. Wait....what? One of the hottest fads right now for wedding photography is the use of drones for spectacular overhead views.
Demanding Bride’s Bridesmaid Email Goes Viral (Again)
A bride-to-be whose name hasn't been revealed emailed out a lengthy missive to her ten potential bridesmaids, telling them exactly what would be required of them if they accepted her invitation to be in her wedding party. The demands were so outrageous, causing it to go viral.
10 Flower Girls Who Are Terrible at Their Job
To an adult, it seems like the simplest task in the world. But to a small child, walking down an aisle and sprinkling flower petals on the ground is apparently totally terrifying. Here are some videos of little girls who just can't handle the pressure of being flower girl...
The Most Redneck Wedding March Ever
You have heard Jon describe his reaction to my wedding and reception. He describes the trip he and his wife took into the backwoods, the pre-wedding tailgate party, the dogs running up and down the aisle, the uncle (dressed in camo) that brought us a sack of tomatoes as a wedding gift, the wedding c…
Base Jumping Newlyweds Take a Literal Plunge Together [VIDEO]
Over the weekend, scores of base jumpers headed to Fayetteville, WV, to leap off the New River Bridge as part of an annual celebration known as Bridge Day. But one couple made their leap especially memorable by tying the knot first. Hey, who are we to judge? Stranger things have certainly happened a…
Going Stag
Well, it's wedding season and you are about to get dragged to receptions with no date in sight. 
According to, that might actually