Watch the Most Amazing Card Trick You Have Ever Seen
Magicians are a unique breed and they are very skilled at what they do. I don't believe in magic, but a good magician is a master at creating illusions that seem to defy logic and common sense. There is a 'trick' to any trick you see, but learning how to do it right is the real trick.
Watch How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener or Any Other Tool
Have you ever been camping or enjoying the great outdoors and realized you have no way to open all of the canned food items you brought to eat? Also, a lot of people are making their preparations for the Zombie Apocalypse and canned foods will be a big part of your survival kit, but without a can op…
Watch an Elephant Paint a Picture As Well As Any Human Artist
We all know that animals can do amazing things and I am not talking about circus animals or sea creatures at Sea World. There is however, an elephant camp in Thailand with a couple of very special elephants with a very special and unique artistic talent....they can paint. Boy, can they paint!
Unicycle Football Definitely Not for Everyone, but Fun to Watch
It is finally football season, my favorite time of the year. High school football is in it's third week, college football got started on Saturday and the NFL kicks off the new season Thursday night in Denver with Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos hosting the defending Super Champ Baltimore …
Watch a 16-Month-Old Baby Swim Across a Pool Better Than You and I
Today is my first day back from a family vacation in St. Augustine, Florida. We spent a lot of time at the resort pool and during one frightening moment, my two-year-old nephew, Max, ran back into the pool after his water wings were removed, which caused three of us to jump up and run to the pool an…
Trampoline Fails Are So Funny It Almost Hurts to Watch [Video]
There is nothing kids enjoy more than a trampoline in the backyard during the summer. Trampolines are so much fun and allow us to be pretty creative, within reason of course. Have you ever tried to see just how high you can get and have you ever jumped from a back flip right to a front flip?