Studio Bee’s Back To School Supplies Giveaway
Studio Bee Community Youth Center in Boonville is constantly doing its part in helping out the people of Warrick County. Their next big event is set to help out those who have children getting ready to go back to school.
New Study Says Teens Need More Sleep and School Should Start Later
Teens and sleep...if you have teenagers and it seems like they sleep the day away, the reason is simple.....they need it. The American Academy of Pediatrics just released a new study that says older students, those in high school, are not getting enough sleep and that school should start later for t…
Should There Be a Dress Code for Teachers [Poll]
Back in May, I posted an article about school uniforms and how some Evansville schools are going in that direction. More and more schools are cracking down on students who dress inappropriately by wearing saggy and baggy pants that hang way below the waistline and some who show too much skin. While …