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Proposed Law Would Use GPS Tracker to Tax You
It was bound to happen eventually - being taxed for driving your car. Seems ridiculous, right? Well, a new law being proposed would use a GPS tracking device that would keep track of the total miles you drive and tax you accordingly.
Pouting Kid Gets What He Wants – A Foul Ball
Every parent has seen a child pout because someone else got what they wanted, it's especially bad if a sibling gets something the other does not. Check out the kid in the below video who wanted nothing more than to get a foul ball at a game between the Giants and Dodgers...
San Francisco To Paris In Two Minutes
This passenger used the empty seat next to him to record the entire 11-hour flight from S.F. to Paris using time lapse photography. The whole trip was condensed into just 2 minutes and the video is very cool.