Baby, Inside The Womb, Loves The Beach [VIDEO]
The most wonderful thing I have ever experienced is the thrill of carrying and giving birth to my three children. Every mother knows how incredible it feels when your baby moves for the first time. The mother in this video is a couple of weeks from giving birth and it looks as if the baby inside can…
Things You Should Never Do Or Say To A Pregnant Woman
All mothers know that when you are pregnant people feel like they can do or say ANYTHING to you. For some reason, their are no boundaries. According to Associated Content, here are some definite NO NOS!!!
1. "Rub or feel her belly."   If you wouldn't do it when she is…
Can Caffeine Keep You From Getting Pregnant?
Drinking Maxwell House may mean women won't see any newbies in their house.
Research out of the University of Nevada suggests women who drink caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and soda have a tough time getting pregnant.