John Cena Pranks Fans [VIDEO]
Watch as some of his fans think they are auditioning for a commercial about the WWE star when suddenly the real John Cena burst through the background, complete with trumpets blaring the theme music.
Ingenious Pranksters Fill Friend’s House With Beer
In this hilarious video, a group of friends in New Zealand decide to rig the water lines in their buddy’s house so that beer came out of every tap in the house. Then, they set up dozens of cameras all over the house to catch his reaction. It’s a prank that will have frat brothers ev…
Student Tricks Class Into Thinking He’s the Professor
When I was helping mold young minds, (I know, scary thought!;-) I realized early on that I was in their lives to help them achieve their dreams. I had to be stern yet gentle, harsh yet kind, firm yet soft and above all, I had to be and do exactly what I said. Integrity was the key to earning their t…
Man Uses ‘The Notebook’ to Get Strangers to Kiss Him
One of my favorite movies of all time is 'The Notebook'. Whether I was NOT a relationship, crying on the couch by myself or sitting beside someone special, that movie is full of magic moments that I'm addicted to. I guess, deep down, I want someone to love ME like that. Someone that would wait for m…

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