Kenny Chesney bringing out out New Live Album!
Get ready Kenny fans, he's releasing a new album this fall!! It might not be exactly what your thinking, this album is all live! Yep! Starting at the end of his tour in 2007 he has complied the best of the concerts hes had in the last 10 years...
Using Uber in Evansville [WATCH]
Yesterday my friends and I decided it would be fun to test out Uber in Evansville! Most of us have Uber-d (past tense?) before, but since Uber just got to Evansville, none of us have ever Ubered in our home town, so yesterday we decided to give it a shot!
New Invention Allows You to Order a Pizza Simply By Pushing a Button
How many times have you been sitting at home watching your favorite show and wishing you could just push a button and have a fresh, hot pizza show up on your doorstep? Ordering a pizza is easy enough as it is, but a new invention makes it even easier, which gives us all yet one more reason to never …
New World Record – Man Catches Baseball Dropped From 1,200 Feet Up
Zack Hample is huge baseball fan and has caught more than 6,800 baseballs in more than 50 Major League ballparks in the U.S. One baseball he hadn't caught yet was one dropped from 1,200 feet, which would be a world record. Hample made the attempt at a minor league baseball field in Massachusett…

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