mothers day

The Worst Movies of 2016
There were a lot of great movies in 2016. There were! Please don’t let this list convince you otherwise. The movies were absolutely wonderful this year. Just not these specific movies. These were bad. So, so, so bad. Just awful.
Leslie Expresses Love for Her Kids Through Music
Today is Mother's Day and mothers all over the country are receiving gifts. But for most mothers, like me, it's not about the gifts or cards we get but the memories our children have given to us over the years. Some of my most precious memories involve music.
What to Put in an Mother’s Day Gift Basket
Whether you live close to mom or far away, it's important to honor her on this special day. See what I did there? Moms loved to be pampered on Mother's Day so if you have the time, put together a lovely basket for her to enjoy!