Gotta Get the Bread and Milk [VIDEO]
Living in the Midwest, we are prepared for anything. We can be at 70 degrees and sunny when we wake up, then by 7 pm we are at 33 degrees and preparing for 6 inches of snow. It's crazy, but we are used to the insanity. Even though we are used to it, we still go crazy and head to Walmart for bre…
Breastfeeding Time Magazine Cover [Poll]
OK.....hang on, hang on and hang on!!!!! WHAT THE ?????????  Jamie Lynne Grumet, the breast-feeding mom on the cover of the May 10, 2012 issue of Time Magazine still breast feeds her 3 year old (pictured) AND her 5 year old addopted son! OMG!!! ’
Is That Milk On Your Shirt Or Just Your Shirt?
If you "got milk" it may not be in a glass! Scientist Anke Domaske plans to introduce a new line of clothes -- all made from milk! The 28-year-old microbiologist from Germany has combined powdered organic milk with other ingredients to weave into a special fabric for her Q-Mil…