Should McDonald’s Stay Open on Christmas Day?
Like many businesses, McDonald's for the most part stays closed on Christmas Day. Some restaurants will open Christmas, like Denny's for example, who will open at 8 am at their Tri-State locations.
It was reported today, however, that McDonald's USA COO Jim Johannesen is encouraging fr…
The McRibster Is Like The McRib, Only Better
Yesterday, on the show, we told you about the latest MickyDees sandwich. Once a year, the McRib pops up on the McDonald’s menu. But, in Austria, they are enjoying  the McRibster, and it suggests that the McRib may not be the perfection some claim.
7 Ways To Win Big This Week On WKDQ!
99.5 WKDQ has loaded up on prizes this week just for you.  Make sure you're listening to us all week long and entering at the WKDQ Country Club to be a part of all the huge prizes we have all week long!
The McRib Is Back
Ohhhh, YES!!! It's back. McDonald's McRib sandwich is back. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! The 450 calorie, boneless barbeque pork sandwich is available at most McDonald's now through November 14th. McDonald's actually leaves it up to the franchises to decide whether to of…
McDonald’s Getting Ready To Launch McTV In Stores
While 70-percent of McDonald's business is drive-through, in store customers are about to be treated to a new innovation called McTV, which is a McDonald's TV channel. It will be original programming designed to fit the local communities a given restaurant serves. You will be able to get l…
McDonald’s Billboard Hosts Giant Video Game
A giant McDonald's video billboard in Stockholm, Sweden is hosting a game of pong that just about anybody with a smart phone can join in, without having to download any new software.
Instead, potential players use their smart phone to log on to a website associated with the promotion. After the phone…

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