lost hit

Eric’s Lost Hit – Pam Tillis
Oh how cheesy this video was, but a pretty awesome tune.  Pam Tillis and "Cleopatra..." had us on the wood floor scootin' a boot, pushin' a tush, and sliding electrically!  Let's take you back to Ms. Tillis, crimped hair and all for today's l…
Eric’s Lost Hit: Clay Walker
It was his first single way back in 1993 and went all the way to number one! He was just a young kid from Beaumont, TX and he's still making hits today like "She Won't Be Lonely Long" and "Where Do I Go From You." But before all those tunes, there was &a…
Eric’s Lost Hit – Tracy Lawrence
Time for another Lost Hit found in the depths of my CD collection.  This song is just one of the many powerful country tunes Tracy Lawrence gave us in the early 90's.  Do you miss this one too?
Eric’s Lost Hit: Wade Hayes
It's time for another song that us radio folks lost along the way. Hey, with a dozen or so songs coming out a day, it happens. Fortunately we can find those songs on the old inter-web. This was an awesome tune in the mid 90's and an even cooler video where everything goes backwards!
Eric’s Lost Hit: Honky Tonk Truth
It's another awesome song that has slipped away from our radios like a thief in the night, but who could forget the even more awesome video where Kix Brooks and the late Dale Earnhardt played up their similar looks...can you spot Dale in this video from Brooks and Dunn?
Eric’s Lost Hit: Almost Goodbye
I was going through my dusty CD collection, and decided we need to bring back some of those great songs that have disappeared from our radio over time.  It's nobody's fault...just happens.  Thankfully, with the invention of this crazy internet, we can bring em back just like that…