Watch Iconic Movie Scenes Done With Legos [Video]
I don't know about your kids, but my boys are all about Legos. We have thousands of Lego pieces in huge bins all over the house. My youngest is building one of the main space ships from Star Wars with a new Lego set he just got and wants to make a video with it when he is done that I will undou…
Woman Makes Her Own Prosthetic Leg From Legos
Christina Stephens has changed Legos forever by actually building her own prosthetic leg using nothing but Lego blocks she found in her basement. Stephens lost her foot last year and a co-worker jokingly suggested she make a leg out of Legos. Stephens took the joke as a challenge and did just that.
Legos For Girls Causes Controversy
Lego toys have always been for both girls and boys -- but boys, in general, seem to enjoy them more. Why? Because they are marketed to boys. But, now, Legos has decided to make 'girl' blocks and the controversy begins...