Bubble Football Might Be Just the Ticket to Get Kids to Play Soccer
Soccer is a very popular sport here in the U.S., but nowhere near as popular as it is in Europe. We have some great soccer teams right here in the Tri-State, like the Memorial high school girl's soccer program for instance. Personally, I am not a huge soccer fan and have a hard time watching it…
Leslie Expresses Love for Her Kids Through Music
Today is Mother's Day and mothers all over the country are receiving gifts. But for most mothers, like me, it's not about the gifts or cards we get but the memories our children have given to us over the years. Some of my most precious memories involve music.
Watch This Father’s Greatest Achievement
Who's ready for 52 seconds of cute? Good, then watch on.
In this recent video -- featuring a father duetting with his daughter to the popular 'Mahna Mahna' tune from 'The Muppets' -- YouTube user Jesse Teeters claims this to be his greatest achievement in the two-and-a-half years he's been a parent. …

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