Dress For Success – How To Dress For A Job Interview
The first impression is the most important, especially when it comes to job interviews. The more professional and reliable you look upon a first meeting, the more likely you are to get called back, but even more important is looking like you belong with the rest of the team...
Keith Urban Is Just A Normal Guy
In the lastest KU Tube video, Keith Urban talks about being a normal guy with a normal life. In interviews done in the Carolinas, while touring, he talks about taking the trash out, acting up as a kid and his five year anniversary to Nicole Kidman...
Jason Michael Carroll Interview Uncut
Today I had the chance to chat with Jason Michael Carroll about the show at Stoney's and his upcoming single and a little bit about what he likes and doesn't like and what he thinks about his hero on American Idol.
Kellie Pickler, A Snake, And Me
Being that I'm still in mourning over the super-lovely Kellie Pickler's marriage to Kyle Jacobs, I thought I'd flashback to 2008, when things were going great in our "relationship" til I found out about her new pet.