hurricane sandy

An Amazing Story of Survival During Hurricane Sandy
There have been a lot of awful or inspiring stories coming out of Hurricane Sandy. This manages to be both. A man found a note in his house scrawled by a person who had taken a blanket to keep hypothermia at bay. The author of the note was sure he was dying.
Red Cross Seeking Monetary Donations for Hurricane Sandy
The American Red Cross is always in need of donations, whether it be blood, cash, food, clothes or supplies. The Red Cross is funded entirely through donations and receives no government funding whatsoever, which is why what they do is so important. They are on the scene immediately when disaster hi…
Hurricane Sandy Photos – The Amazing Moments You Have to See
As predicted, Hurricane Sandy created one crazy night. Millions without power, explosions, flooding and at least 18 people dead. Don't let your braggedy friends on Facebook convince you this wasn't a big deal. It was crazy. Here are some pics to sum up what happened. Feel free to share you…