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How Much Is Too Much To Pay For Gas? [POLL]
On the show this morning, we talked about the price of gas decreasing for the first time in 27 days. Granted it ONLY decreased by a penny on average, BUT it went down. Now, Jon has predicted that by Memorial Day, gas will be $5.04 a gallon.  CRAP!!!  I hope he's wrong!!
Gas Prices Could Reach Record Levels In 2012
If you feel like you are paying more and more for gas these days, there's a good reason for that feeling.......YOU ARE! Right now, we are paying on average of 22-cents more per gallon than this time last year.
Gas On The Rise On Henderson Strip
Well, here we go again Tri-State as gas prices are going up to sky-high levels once again.  They were $3.89 on the Henderson strip on my way home Monday.  Lo and behold, they were at $4.09 on my way home Tuesday.