Funny videos

Herman Cain Gets A Bad Lip Reading [VIDEO]
Over the last few months, we've seen hilarious videos appear for the presidential hopefuls with their voice dubbed over in a ridiculous way by the YouTube sensations known as "Bad Lip Reading."  Herman Cain is the latest to get the dub treatment...
Worst Gameshow Answers In History [VIDEO]
You remember old game shows like Family Feud, Match Game, Newlywed Game and To Tell The Truth? I remember watching them when I would get home from school or during dinner. Well,  I found a video of some hilarious and stupid answers. The hosts AND contestants reactions are great...
Be Careful Little Chef
Little Chefs is a cute new cooking show  on YouTube featuring child chef Tommy Little, and due to some unfortunate mishaps, we aren't sure WHO the chef is going to be!! :-) Check it out!